Rachel's Room Closed June 21/24
Store closed June 21/24

Rachel's Room closed it's doors June 21/24

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I am Julie and this is my store! The store opened in 1995 by Jackie Lacina. Jackie named the store after her daughter Rachel! I started with Jackie shortly after she opened. I was fortunate to work with Jackie until 2019 when she retired. By this time I had already bought the store from her in 2013. We had so much fun working together. Jackie was my boss but so much more. (friend, other sister) In 2013 I hired Michele! Michele brought a love of fashion and style. Her best gift was her positive outlook. My vision was always to help women find what they love, looks great on them and what makes them feel beautiful. That included women of all shapes and sizes. I wanted women to look at themselves and realize that they have the power to look amazing. Find their style and run with it. Fashion and style are completely different things in my mind. Fashion is what the current trends are but style is a personal thing. Knowing what fits your body is the best gift you can give yourself. Fit! Fit! Fit! It doesn't matter if you are a size 2 or 16 find what makes you feel fabulous! So, come in and have a look!!

New In: Fall Fashions!

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